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  • Address:202 Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville, Chaguanas, Trinidad
  • Phone:(868) 332-2526
  • Fax:(868) 785-1132
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  • Agriculture
  • Manager:
    Dr. Aweeda Newaj-Fyzul
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    tilapia, organic plants, aquaria plants, water quality testing trinidad, aquaponic consultants, diagnostics, fish health consulting trinidad, fish water quality, aquaponics trinidad, fish farm setup, ornamental fish trinidad
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Agriquatics is the brainchild of Dr Aweeda Newaj-Fyzul.

We specialise in and are not limited to:
-The sustainable cultivation of ornamental fish
-Tilapia cultivation
-Organic Plants
-Fish Health Consultancy
-Fish Farm Consultancy
-Fish Water Quality
-Aquarium Plants
-Water Quality Testing
-Sustainable Organic Farming Consultancy
-Aquaculture consultant and supplies

We also provide consultations regarding many issues including the treatment of fish diseases and proper cultivation methods of various species of fish whether it be for agricultural purposes or ornamental usage.

For appointments and more information contact Dr Aweeda Newaj-Fyzul at 785-1132 or 332-2526. Email us at

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