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This is one of the largest Company inTrinidad, yet it has NO policy in place for dealing with Shops and Parlours.
We do not ask for Credit, as is the case with your Key Accounts, we increase your cash flow on a daily basis ,yet we are serviced terribly and are forced to buy from wholesalers.
Your Sales Department needs to be ouerhauled and replaced with caring Supervisors / Managers who ought to be guided to provide a reliable service.
Your bias towards small shops and parlours stem from the mere premise that you have a Key account; therin lies the begining of bias within your existing system.
I display and refridgerate your products, all at no expense to your Company, yet your service is nothing compared to what is given to your \'key\' accounts.
Small Shops do not enjoy any Price advantages.
Chevk your records, your Managers / Supervisors have never visited my outlet, is this a good service yardstick from your Company?

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