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I joined CFS couriers about Four years ago at the Gaston Branch. Back then the service could have been considered A class. Most times when you called you got through immediately and it took no longer than about five minutes to collect your package. It was so until very recently. When they moved over to their new location things REALLY CHANGED FOR THE WORST. I have been calling for sometime now and have failed to get through. I have tried all numbers and they all went unanswered. To contact by telephone is a waste of time. The last two times I was there it took me almost an hour to get my parcel. It has now become like the commercial banks. I am scouting around for another company.

Prices:   Service:   Overall: Approved
Worse service ever. They manage to completely take the joy out of online shopping.

Prices:   Service:   Overall: Approved
This company should really consider changing its name. I started using this company since 2008, back then they really lived up their name. They would go the extra mile to ensure you had great customer service. Over the past couple of years the service was gone from great to down right appalling. On average when you go to collect an item the wait time is approx 15 mins per person. The person at the desk will get your paper work and the disappear in the back for around 15 mins.
So be prepared for an extremely long wait if you go to them around lunch time.

Parking at the new building is not sufficient, every time I go its a game of musical chairs with customers parking behind other s and needing to swap cars when one is ready to leave.

All phone numbers on their website goes unanswered (6 number I believe) I have tried for days on end with no response. Forget about opening a ticket as I opened one before Christmas, 4 weeks after its still unanswered.

Especially avoid them around Christmas time. I ordered items for Christmas presents and never received the text message to email that the package had arrived. I tried calling for days, I opened the help desk ticket, but no response. I went in after Christmas, had to wait for 1/2 hour before I could speak to someone, who had no idea where the package was. Eventually they double checked and my packages where there before Christmas, but due to their incompetence a number of family members went with out the presents I ordered from them.

Their prices are good but not worth the stress, they have no tracking info available and you cannot ever get through to them. Do yourself a favour and go with another company.

Prices:   Service:   Overall: Approved
Great with delivery time, very courteous delivery guys.

Prices:   Service:   Overall: Approved
on time delivery very helpful staff

Prices:   Service:   Overall: Unapproved
I wish I never had any contact with this company since my experience has been horrible. It is a waste of time, energy, money and you are better off using another company. CSR reps are horribly prepared to answer any questions and always have to speak to a manager before giving a response. However, ALL requests to speak to the said manager are ignored. One rep told me he could not even give me the name of the manager. Absolutely POOR service. Good riddance!!

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