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The Tobago branch has the absolute worst customer service. CSRs are rude impolite and appear to be disgruntled with management. I was completely blown away by the attitude of staff when I went in to view items advertised in the newspaper for the (2015) Mother\'s Day sale. The sales clerk I approached said \"who told you it has Mother\'s Day sale here. They don\'t send those things Tobago\" (steups), then proceeded to gather with other CSRs around the cashier counter to ill-speak \"them Trinidadians\". There was no interest in selling any other items in the store, Mother\'s Day sale or otherwise.
CSRs at this branch need to understand their paramount reason for being there. They are not doing anyone a favor, they are in fact just continuing to run shoppers who would either begin to shop elsewhere, take the ferry to Trinidad or shop online.

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