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CariTrack - Caribbean GPS Tracking, Security, Alarms, Fleet Management. We also provide GPS Tracking solutions, Location Based Services (LBS), Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and consultancy services in Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean.

The company started by offering Fleet Management and Web/IT services in 2005, By 2007, CariTrack was launched as a Location Based Services (LBS) solution provider with the aim of using GPS/GSM and ICT services to improve vehicle security, Fleet Management, Mobile Resource Management and overall Business asset protection and management.

Tramigo - The World's best selling GPS/GSM Tracker

The Tramigo T22 GPS/GSM Tracker was selected in 2007 as CariTrack's flagship product. The reasons for selecting this was because of its smart features, user friendliness and the ability to store and use local landmarks (Points of Interest) data. Product reliability and support were also key issues. We have tried other GPS Trackers to offer to the local market but settled on the Tramigo product because it is simply the best value for money. The three (3) year project of developing 10,000 Trinidad & Tobago landmarks has significant enhanced the value and localized the product. We can truly say that this is a TT Tracker, born in Finland but developed in Trinidad.

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Promoting the Tramigo in T&T has been a pioneering experience. The initial reaction of the public is amazement: People are surprised to find a product of such high quality and reliability being offered to general public. Early adopters are very satisfied with the peace of mind they have in securing their personal vehicles. Business users are very please with the product, performance, reliability and low operational costs.


The Tramigo is not the cheapest GPS tracker in the market but it has the lowest lifetime cost. The is due to product reliability and the use of SMS text messages instead of internet data/web servers to get GPS messages to users.

Cash price: $3,600 installed with prepaid SIM (Discount for Fleet vehicles available).

Payment Plan: $1,200 down payment and $1,200 for the next two (2) months.

A Tramigo fleet user with over 30 vehicles spends an average of TT$0.70 (70 cents) per vehicle per day. Private car owners can also spend an average of about TT$0.30 per day in SMS messages from the Tramigo: Audio monitoring can raise this cost because of mobile phone charges.

Vehicle Recovery Services


Most Tramigo users who have had their vehicles stolen, used the Police to retrieve the vehicles.

CariTrack is the registered brand of Innovative Technical Services Limited (ITSL) and CariTrack Limited.

Category: Tracking Devices

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