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Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville, Trinidad

(868) 671-6884
Auto Air Condition
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Trincool Limited has over the years managed to service Trinidad and Tobago with quality auto air-conditioning repairs and parts that complies with international OEM standards.

Trincool boasts of having some of the most qualified and experienced technicians to help deal with your automobile's air conditioning needs.

We use state of the art equipment on all our repairs and customers are guaranteed the best service and value for their money. At Trincool, we also take safety seriously.

Trincool Limited is also OSHA Certified which puts us beyond our closest competition.

Our quick and efficient service, qualified a/c techs, state of the art facility, and convenient location are all the reasons why Trincool Limited is number one in Auto Air-conditioning Repairs and Parts.

* We will prioritize recommended vehicle services and repairs to our customers in this order:

o #1 Safety
o #2 Progressive Damage
o #3 Recommended Maintenance

* We will not recommend services or repairs that are without benefit to our customers and their vehicles.
* We will stand behind our work and honor all applicable warranties.

Be sure to remember, the next time it becomes to hot to handle, Beat the Heat with Trincool Limited!

Opening Times:

Mon - Sat: 8am to 4pm

Category: Auto Air Condition

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86 Aranquez Main Road, San Juan, Trinidad

(868) 675-9879
Wheel Alignment Frame and Axle Servicing Auto...
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Suspension Kings Trinidad - Fast and Reliable Service

Suspension Kings offers fast and reliable auto services. Some of our services include: 4 wheel alignment, all tire and mechanical repairs, as well as diagnostic scanning at dealership level. Home and Auto Key Cutting Service also available.

Contact Information:

Vanessa Maharaj

#86 Aranguez Main Road
Aranguez, San Juan, Trinidad W.I.

Phone: 868-675-9879 / 868-784-3104 / 868-784-8700

Category: Wheel Alignment Frame and Axle Servicing Automotive

Tags: suspension, air condition, diagnostics, alignment, auto repair, car wash, engine wash, alignment, auto air conditioning, machine press, rotor shaving, fuel injectors, mechanics, car key cutting

Southern Main Rd & Maillard Street, Couva, Trinidad

(868) 636-2277
Automobile Repairing & Servicing Mechanic
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Service, Efficiency & Competence for you total Satisfaction.

Rebuilding of European Transmissions for cars and trucks, including Allison 1000, 2000, HT50 and WT Series. All our rebuilt transmissions come with a 24 month warranty. Our transmissions are tested and certified before installation and shipping to the customer.

We will programme any electronic ignition key as well as remotes for the following vehicles: FORD, GM, BMW, AUDI, VW, MERCEDES, RENAULT etc.

Let's Ride Instead Ltd, Southern Main Road Couva.
Tel: 760-8619
Fax: 636-2277

Category: Automobile Repairing & Servicing Mechanic

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LP 689 Southern Main Road, Mc Bean, Couva, Trinidad

(868) 769-0550
Automobile Repairing & Servicing Mechanic
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Steve's Auto Garage


We do diagnostics, injector cleaning with high tech machines.

We have special mechanical equipment:

Camera to view inside your engine
Top diagnostic tools
High tech bearing testers
Injector compression machines
Audio equipment to listen inside your engine.

All our equipment is to help diagnose your car problem, with minimum work and money spent.

We Service all makes and model..

Authorized Schaeffer Distributor


MON- FRI: 8am to 4pm
SAT: 8am to 3pm

Category: Automobile Repairing & Servicing Mechanic

Tags: mechanic, fuel injectors repairs, vehicle diagnostics, car repairs, car servicing, tune up, suspension, car fix, oil change, steve auto pro, garage, injector repair, car scan, tune ups, diagnostic scans, servicing injectors, throttle body repair, mechanical and electrical repairs, schaeffer oil, schaeffer grease, car diagnostics

#24 Cipero Street, San Fernando, Trinidad

(868) 657-7528
Automobile Repairing & Servicing Mechanic
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We do diagnostics,flushing of transmission with high tech machine,free changing of shocks,oil & filter disc pads when bought by us of course and we also stock a wide range of tires, we also do number plates, front and rear end repairs, parts are also available.


MON- FRI: 8am to 5pm
SAT: 8am to 3pm
SUN: 8am to 1pm





Category: Automobile Repairing & Servicing Mechanic

Tags: mechanic repair, number plates, Suspension check, transmission, bushings, fuel injectors, front end, tyre repair

Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas, Trinidad

(868) 665-3034
Automobile Parts and Supplies
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L Mohammed & Sons Auto Parts & Repairs is an auto parts and repair shop located in the busy borough of Chaguanas. Located on Ramsaran Street opposite the Courthouse, L Mohammed carries a wide range of:

-spare parts for Japanese Vehicles
-car accessories
-555 genuine parts
-Water Pumps
-Fuel Pumps
-Coil Parts
-Windshield Wipers etc

Visit or call us today at 665-3034

Category: Automobile Parts and Supplies

Tags: japanese vehicles, spare parts, accessories, bearings, suspension, water pumps, filters, fuel pumps, coil parts

Martain Street, Carenage, Trinidad

(868) 780-8949
Auto Air Condition


96 Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad

(868) 624-7266
Auto Air Condition
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LP #2 Old Tim Street, St Augustine, Trinidad

(868) 645-6781
Auto Air Condition


Diego Martin Main Road, Diego Martin, Trinidad

(868) 678-0325
Auto Air Condition
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