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I was recently at the Chaguanas branch of Francis Fashion Shoe Locker and i was, very disppointed in the service given. The sales clerks were not paying attention to any customers. I had to wait and wait for the cashier to cash. The team seemed very demotivated and were not friendly. Most clerks were just standing talking to one another and unconcerned with the customers. The store was in a complete mess. The apperance was horribleand . The floors were nto clean and the store on the whole was very untidy. I understand that the store is a big on, with many items but service comes first. I was very disappointed and couldnt wait to get out. One good thing to report is that the prices are very affordable and the stocks are very appealing. I hope the next time i decide to vist this brach, the service has improved.

Prices:   Service:   Overall: Approved
best clothes i does buy all my clothes there .. best store the workers dont even harass u like sports n games

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