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Heartbeat 103.5 FM Radio For Women

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Heartbeat 103.5FM Radio for Women -


began broadcasting on 7th March 2005 on the eve of International Women's Day. Gender media is nothing new but a station that offers programming especially for women makes Heartbeat unique. The format comprises Adult Contemporary music and throughout the day informative segments and talk shows deal primarily with issues that affect the lifestyles of women.

Produced segments and talk shows include topics such as parenting, gender issues, relationship building, motivation, health, beauty, fashion, career advice, financial wisdom, culinary skills, etiquette, romance, biographies, book reviews, and much much more.

The idea was developed four years prior to the launch of the radio station.
Miss Kiran Maharaj who has been in media for over fourteen years was the brainchild behind the concept and a lot of detailed research and careful planning went into the final format.

"Why radio for women? Well why not? Women are instrumental in shaping the world and play a significant role as we are responsible for making the mould from which our leaders and all others rise. There is something special too about the 'sisterhood' and how many of us see life in the larger scheme of things. It's a shame that we don't come together more to deal with the challenges that face us as a gender... the stereotypes, the inequalities and injustices in certain nations. Let's face it there are distinct differences between men and women; we both have strengths and weaknesses but the thing is the traditional male dominated society has cast us out in a lot of ways creating myths that we have only recently slowly started to dispel."

"Heartbeat was developed to not only empower women but to bring them together because as women we share many of the same emotions and challenges. It also serves to help men better understand our nature and by so doing maybe relationships between men and women will be better as we gain the mutual respect that is deserved and desired. In fact almost fifty percent of the telephone calls that come to the station on a daily basis are from men. At first it was surprising but in listening to the comments and realizing the extent of positive influence we are creating it was heart warming."

Is it odd that a third world small island (Trinidad and Tobago) produced the world's first 24 hour radio station for women? "No way doesn't matter where the idea came from and my motto in life is Gandhi's philosophy of 'be the change that you want to see in the world.' I think anyone can do great things once they are determined, believe in their purpose and are not afraid to fail along the road of experience and challenge. Like all women throughout the history of the world who have struggled for the rights of women, from Lysistrata to Joan of Arc to Oprah Winfrey, Heartbeat Radio for Women is another milestone that women everywhere can be proud of and the very fact that it exists is a tribute to all the women who have made, are making and will make a difference. If you're a woman then this is a tribute to you too."

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