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I purchased a vacuum cleaner from them - their staff sold me the wrong item. On top of that - it did not work. I returned it to the store where I was told that I was not going to be refunded until their customer service department could test the item. It has been a week now and they refuse to replace it for a proper item or refund me my $1,700. I have given them my money and received nothing.

Their staff are incompetent, none of the stores numbers they have provided on their bills or via their store sales persons work. We have not been able to make contact with anyone except to go to the store and repeatedly be advised to call the numbers that do not work. The warranty on the back of the bill is a lie because I have not been refunded for their inferior product.

My only recourse is to advise everyone I know to spend their money somewhere else because these people are crooks!!!!

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