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We offer two types of banners

  • Homepage banners
    • These are displayed to the right of the search bar on the homepage
    • A homepage banner is a proven online advertising medium that not only drives potential customers to your website, but also enhances your brand.
  • Premium banners
    • These are displayed on various pages on the site
    • Premium banners are categorised and will be displayed to relevant users
    • A premium banner is a proven online advertising medium

  • Banners must meet the following requirements:
    • All Banners must be less than 50KB in filesize
    • Homepage banners must be 182 width x 208 height pixels in size
    • Premium banners must be a minimum of 468 x 60 pixels and a maximum of 520 x 80 pixels
    • Banners must be in Shockwave Flash format(.swf)